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This posting I found on Craigslist and I believe it to be a private party sale. More photos and text are at the link(s). Judging from the photos this is a beautiful Caddy. The DTS-L model was stretched 8" (eight inches/20cm) for roomier backseat legroom. As a result the back doors are longer too. The problem that I can see is the 166K/267KM miles on the odometer. This Caddy would seem overdue for HG failure and might be the reason the 'Fortune 500' company let it go.

In a perfect world, this Caddy is probably worth $9,500 or even the original $10,500 asking price. In reality an experienced Northstar user will know that before too much longer he will be faced with a $3,000 bill to address the HG issue. So I can't see this Caddy being worth more than $6,000 or less. Am I in the ballpark or is my reasoning way off? Thoughts?





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NADA would have an approximate value for this car.

I would not suspect headgaskets in an issue - starting with the 2004 model year, the head bolts were longer and had a coarse thread for more holding power. We really do not hear of headgasket failures on this board for the 2004 - 2011 Northstars regardless of mileage.

Even though the failures are rare, if I were interested in the car, I'd still test the coolant for combustion gasses.

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Thanks. That's a great point about the coolant + combustion gases test. I've looked at NADA but can't find the DTS-L model. The seller doesn't list the VIN so I can't check and see what the Caddy is "officially" known as. Thanks again for your reply.

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