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MotorWeek | Retro Review: '82 Vs '83 Cadillac Cimmaron

Bruce Nunnally

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I always thought the Cimmaron was dropped, then picked up again as the Catera, then the CTS. Although i might be correct on the short lived Catera, after the fact, I realized q few years back that the CTS is a different beast all of its own.

I wonder how light the Cimmaron could be made today with the use of thinner sheet metal, and aluminum heads, and block, along with lighter and smaller accessory parts. That 88hp might be enough if the car is 800 pounds or so lighter. Albeit not for a demanding driver.

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The rwd Catera was a very different car from the Fwd j-body Cimmaron. The Catera was relatively heavy for its size, which was one feature the sigma architecture used for the CTS improved on as it was a couple hundred pounds lighter.


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