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92 Eldo remote trunk issue questions.

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Hello, I have done my due diligence and googled and searched archives. But I still need some guidance and opinions.

My 92 Eldo ETS has suddenly stopped operating the remote trunk release from the glove box and key fob.

The gas cap release works from the glove box remote switch.

The FSM schematic shows that the same 30 amp maxi fuse is inline with the trunk release and the gas cap so I assume the fuse is OK for the trunk section.

Opening the trunk manually with the key and depressing the key fob, I can hear the electronic noise from the rear most (driver half)section of the trunk where the electronic components are.

Other than that I have not done other tests other than manually fiddle with the trunk latch solenoid area.

The trunk pull down motor/mechanism works fine.

Is it possible something is dry and sticky somewhere?

Sounds like the realy at the rear section of the trunk is responding.

I'd like to request some ideas and what not in order to get this thing working and/or prevent the fuel cap from later not working remotely in case it might be asociated later.

Thank you !

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Disconnect the power led to the solenoid that activates the trunk latch - it is on the deck lid near the lock cylinder. Check to see if there is voltage at the power lead to the solenoid when depressing the key fob button or the button in the glove box. If there is voltage at the solenoid harness, I'd say the solenoid is bad. If not, then work your way back on the wiring diagram to see where the power harness wiring originates and see if there is voltage at that point when the key fob is depressed or someone hits the glove box button. If there is voltage, then I'd look for a break (open) in the wiring - especially where it flexes at the trunk lid hinge.

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AHA ! KHE you have a fantastic point that eluded me.

The trunk lid hinge wire loop.

Even in other cars this is a weak point for failed trunk lights etc...

I appreciate your insight.

As soon as I have a moment, I am going to try this diagnostic test .


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Update: I finally found the time to check to trunk wire harness at the solenoid.

It is getting 12 volts. So the harness is OK.

The solenoid is now suspect.

I have a spare trunk at home and it has the solenoid and lock cylinder installed.

I do not have the key for that spare lock cylinder.

I applied 12 volts to that spare solenoid and it works.

The easy part is unbolting the solenoid from the trunk.

What I can not figure out is how to remove the "lock release cable from the back of the lock cylinder."

The service manual is no help. .(section 10-8-5)

The picture is from another Eldo trunk sample at a junkyard. The lock cylinder had been yanked out from a gouged trunk lid. The white plastic cap on the lock cylinder is the 'lock release cable'.

Is there any trick to removing this release cable?




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