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Can Cadillac compete with the Big Three Germans?

Bruce Nunnally

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And on the flip side, despite whatever the press may be saying about BMW losing its way or having gone soft, the BMW badge still carries weight. People still love the brand. Why? Because, even though BMW isn’t making the pure driving experience it used to, the cars still have the same quality and capability its customers are used to. So maybe BMW has gone soft, maybe the Ultimate Driving Machine name has become a bit tarnished, but that badge still means something.

Read more: http://www.bmwblog.com/2015/02/17/can-cadillac-compete-big-three-germans/


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I think Cadillac can compete. I think the majority of sales increases for BMW and Mercedes were from the cheaper models they introduced below the C level in Mercedes for example. Cadillac has those models but they are called Buick and Chevy. I think the Cadillac ads should try explaining the arts & science design principles. I believe Cadillac is like the Corvette. The biggest bang for the buck. I do hope the bean counters don't cheapen the CT6? flag ship. I heard they were complaining about $5 door handles.


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