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  1. I have Vogues on my DTS. I had a late model E AMG owner mention that I had a sharp looking car. My Vogues were the first white walls since 1985. I didn't think about the open cut wheels and disc brake dust. My body doesn't bend well so I pay the extra $10 for the whitewall treatment.
  2. I guess it is better than Patrick McCaughney going "deep" on the Lincoln commercials. I agree with the people that said you have to show the cars. You got the CTS V that can go 200mph off the show room floor and the ATS V can go 189 MPH or the Escalade for ultimate Luxury. It just seems like people are getting dumber and need to be stimulated.
  3. Thanks Kevin. I was afraid what you described would be the situation. I have wondered about the crossover pipe. I saw a picture of one removed and the junction came in at a contrary angle and there was extra pipe sticking through. Exhaust has always been the easiest way to punch things up a bit and improve mileage. This is my 3rd Northstar and I really never needed more whammy. It has a great power band after take-off. I bought my wife a 2014 SRX Premium so I am not interested in buying another car this decade. My DTS bucket seat is the most comfortable chair I have and I still feel good about the car. Mark
  4. I think Cadillac can compete. I think the majority of sales increases for BMW and Mercedes were from the cheaper models they introduced below the C level in Mercedes for example. Cadillac has those models but they are called Buick and Chevy. I think the Cadillac ads should try explaining the arts & science design principles. I believe Cadillac is like the Corvette. The biggest bang for the buck. I do hope the bean counters don't cheapen the CT6? flag ship. I heard they were complaining about $5 door handles. Mark
  5. My 2006 DTS Luxury III has a deep oil leek K rail or oil pan. It needs to be torn down all the way to get this done. I hate to have them do this and not improve the horsepower. What is the difference between the std 275 HP Northstar and the Performance 290 HP Northstar. Is it the Cam, bigger Fuel ports ? I stopped putting speed parts on my cars in 1969. I will probably have my Cadillac dealer do it. My engine only has 70000. I never had any problems with my other Northstars. I will have all new gaskets etc installed as they build it back up. I intend to keep the car. I realize with front wheel drive much more than 325 hp could be problematic with torque steer. I had a 455 Toronado of course it probably had 200 hp in 1976. Any ideas? Thanks Mark
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