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Heater Core Leaking?


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For years now I seem to smell a very slight smell of antifreeze in my 96 Deville when I run the heat or when the A/C is on low. I also see a slight film of some slightly slimy stuff on the woodgrain on the dash. The dust sticks to it and when I wipe it off with my finger it seems to feel a little slimy or oily, but doesn't really smell like antifreeze. I was thinking I may have a pin hole leak in the heater core or the hose. If the heater core needs to be replaced, how is that done in a 96 Deville? Does the dash have to come out, or can it be done by removing the glove box and lower panel? I have nothing leaking in the car or any noticeable stains in the carpet on the passenger side. I just get the slight smell and film and it takes many months to actually notice it..



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The 1997 FSM, page 1B-27, remove the heater core has these steps:


  1. Negative battery cable.
  2. Partially drain coolant.
  3. Instrument panel compartment [glove compartment].
  4. Right sound insulator.
  5. Heater and A/C programmer.
  6. Heater core cover.
  7. Inlet and outlet heater hoses from heater core.
  8. Heater retaining screws.
  9. Heater core.

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