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increase air in rear shocks

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You have an air leak somewhere. Either one of the air shock bellows is leaking, the air line connection at one or both of the shocks is leaking, the connections at the compressor are leaking, or a broken air line.

Get a spray bottle of soapy water (window cleaner will work) and with ignition key on the on position (engine not running), the compressor will run for 30 seconds or so and start spraying all the connections & shock bellow looking for bubbles. Cycle the ignition key off/on to get the compressor to run again as needed.

I had the same problem on a 03 Deville that I just bought. Turned out the someone had replaced the air compressor and when they put it back together they left out the o-ring between the compressor and the small air tank accumulator. Unlikely that this is your issue but possible I suppose.

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Found that my rear shocks were leaking air around the rubber boots on both not letting the system hold air with weight. Soap and water did the trick, as it was very easy to spot once I sprayed it. Ordered Monroe ma822 replacement and getting ready to install them. I was looking for the top bolt and it seems it may run in the trunk Pump was running so much within 1/4 mile my check engine light came on, and it's been parked every since (2 days). Anything special or just basic installation?

Thanks Guys

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The only thing that may give you trouble is removal of the top nut on the old shocks. Many times, they need to be cut off. Other than that, it should be a straightforward installation.

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What a ride! Removed the old shocks and went with the monroe MA822 as a replacement and a perfect fit. Top bolts in the trunk area wasn't hard to remove, and it was pretty straight forward installation as Kevin said. When I removed the rear passenger shock it had a 1/4 size hole in the rubber and I see why the air pump continued to run. The rear drivers side was leaking air around the rubber as well. Another problem fixed and ready to ride again.

Thank You

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