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1997 cadillac sts no water flow threw upper hose


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My 1997 caddy started to over heat.

I replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat.

Fans kick on at the right temp both high and low.

I do not see white smoke coming from the tail pipe.

When engine was cold I ran water through up and lower line of the hose

I have ran water through upper and low side of engine to look for blockage

I have removed thermostat at this point connected all line filled cooling system with water

and started motor.

after starting motor and letting it run for a while I can feel that upper radiator hose get hot but No water flow

lower hose I feel water flow going through. I am stumped

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Overheat, what were the temperatures? Did you install any stop leak Blue Devil, snake oil? Notice any oil leaks, or rough running when the car was started in the am and then cleared up? Stick your nose when the engine is cold/warm in the overflow tank and see if it smells like gas.

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no rough idle

No smell from over flow tank

I do at this time have all water.

at this time there is no thermostat

I have removed the upper line off the tank to bleed the system of air ( with water only)

It seems to hold at the 12 o'clock and after 15 min just to 1 o'clock. I have seen the fan kick on both high and low speed

While driving it will hold between 12 & 1 o'clock for temp and then just all the way over to the red.

I have check all codes and nothing motor related

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