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I just want to introduce myself again my name is Brad Barczy owner of B & B Automotive LLC located in Indianapolis, IN. I have been working on Cadillac's and the Northstar powertrain since 1993 to present so 20 plus years, in business since March 2010. Along with the Cadillac head gasket repair, I also overhaul the 4T80E transmission and repair the P741, P1860 codes. I do install studs from CCC and rebuild these engines with a 18 month/ unlimited warranty on overheat. Its a one stop shop for me engines, engine overhauls, transmissions, HVAC, suspension, I do what I can to help people.

I have been noticing a lot of cars with chemicals in the cooling system such as Thermagasket, Blue Devil, K & W block sealer and massive amounts of stop leak. These chemicals only make the job worse by taking out radiators, heater cores, excessive cleaning of cylinder walls where they crystalize

in the webbing in the cylinders. These chemicals don't help period and if they do its only a band-aid on an ax wound. Put the money towards the repair of the car the correct way!

My work is guaranteed for 18 month/unlimited miles and the price is 1800-2000 with studs being extra. Drilling of the block for inserts or studs, resealing the lower bearing case and thoroughly cleaning of all parts. Any questions please call or email me and I will get back to you ASAP and I will do what I can to help you guys out in here.

Thanks again



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