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Can i get the oil pressure reading from the DIC?


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Looks like after replacing the oil pressure sensor, and driving at high rpm, i still get the oil pressure flicker. I am trying to find out if the Drivers info center in diag mode can bring up the actual oil pressure reading. I dont know if the sensor is just a switch, or it does read the actual oil pressure. A few years ago, i played around and was amazed at how many values the car captures. I got the measurements (0 - 255) from the light dimmers, yaw, and radio volume etc... Hopefully oil pressure is in there too!!

I must have been daring back then. Now i'm afraid of turning my pcm into a brick.

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There is no sensor that provides oil pressure in psi, only the on-off sensor on the oil filter adapter. So, the car's modules do not have oil pressure in psi to display.

There are several reasons for oil light flicker at idle, first assuming that you are using the proper oil and it is less than three quarts down from the Full mark on the dipstick. In order of most likely and most common first, they are

  • Leaking oil pressure sensor. This is common; road debris damage or banging with a wrench can cause this.
  • Old oil can lose its ability to keep its viscosity at high temperature. Change the oil to fix this. If you want to go this long between changes in the future, consider synthetic oil. Do NOT use 5W-30 conventional oil in the summertime (5W-30 Mobil 1 is OK).
  • It's possible that the oil is simply very, very hot, from sustained high-speed driving in a hot desert climate or similar situation. If you see just a flicker at idle, you can ignore it. Consider synthetic oil if you don't want to see the flicker with very hot oil.
  • The oil pump is driven by friction from the damper wheel. If the damper wheel is not properly installed or torqued, the oil pump can slip. You may be able to repair this by torquing the damper wheel, or you may need to replace the oil pump.
  • There may be blockage of the oil screen, an air leak in the pickup tube, or a leak in the oil system, such as excessive leaking in the oil manifold between the oil pan and the lower case half. Torquing the oil pan bolts may fix it, or you may need mechanical work.
  • There could be in internal problem in the engine, such as excessive main bearing clearance or a blown oil passage in the head gasket or one of the lower case half gaskets.

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