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Retiring my Deville


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Hi all.

I have gotten wonderful use out of my 96 Deville but am going to retire it to someone else.

The 96 Deville is a wonderful model. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very reliable car.

I have owned it for 5 years and have put 30,000 miles on it. I payed 800.00 for it.

I take care of all of my vehicles very meticulously. I cleaned this car back to its original condition and loved every second of it.

This car has gone everywhere as my daily driver and has been through alot. I never hesitate to take my cars anywhere.

This has only ever broken down 3 times.

2 times with no brakes. ( lines rotted)

Alternator went.

Thats it. I have done preventative work on it and serviced it generously.

Anyway I found the Eldorado that I have now and love it. Only downside is it is a coupe, but thats ok.

I could not keep up with the body rot on the Deville and the torque convertor went last year.

If it was not for the body being as bad as it is I would have just fixed the transmission but for me it was just not worth it to go through all of the work. I might add that it is extremely difficult to keep cars from rotting here in NY. Every winter is another dread of what is going to rust. Salt gets into places that washing just cannot get.

The body is rotting above the chrome trim on the doors, and around the fuel fill door thanks to the foam holding in salt and moisture. I wash my vehicles regularly and thoroughly. The underside unlike most cars of this age around here is in very good condition.

I have held onto the Deville trying to figure out what to do with it and have found someone to purchase it.

Knowing how I maintain my vehicles was the selling point. It runs beautiful, rides great, shifts great, but the torque convertor is gone. Cant complain because it lasted over 200k miles.

The buyer is going to drive the car until next year and if he likes it as much as I do he wants to get it fixed.

I would be thrilled to see it get fixed.

I very rarely sell my vehicles but if someone could take care of what needs to be done I would rather not see it sit.

The 96 Deville has been the most reliable cadillac I have ever bought. No pulled headbolts, starts every time.

I will update this once I have more information on the sale.

Currently I have 3 caddys, 1 eldo, 1 Seville, and 1 deville.

Thanks for reading


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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you should keep it alot longer. If I didnt buy my eldo I would still be driving mine


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Well guys just thought I would update this. My Deville is officially retired.

Glad I sold it cheap enough so that the one who bought it would not be out because of it.

It must have blown a head gasket. I feel like it has been giving me a clue for awhile now because of the cold start misfire.

To clue anyone in that doesn't know.

Check out Cold start misfire thread. I think this is related.

Starting last week the cold start misfire got bad enough to flash the SES light on startup. Same as usual, clears up after a few minutes,

then yesterday I got a call saying it overheated on acceleration on highway.

he said it went up to almost 260 quickly. It has never done that before under any condition so that told me everything.

I went over and did a combustion by products test, failed within 30 seconds of startup. within a few pumps fluid went from blue to yellow.

My assumption is that over time the coolant has been seeping into a cylinder(s) and then just blew completely causing exhaust gases to purge into the coolant rapidly.

Car was wonderful but ended up with the 2 most common problems I run into with this generation caddy.

The torque convertor went, then the headgasket.

I have no complaints at all though because this car was remarkable and made it to 205kmiles with very minimal work and normal maintnence.

Would I buy another??? Absolutely. The Deville is better than the Seville and eldo any day. just thought I would share.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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