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You will get better answers soon but have You drained your battery? If so You may be able to charge it and clear the codes.

BTW Are they current "C" or history "H"?

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B0429 Temperature Control #3 Rear Circuit Range/Performance
B1004 Keep Alive Memory (KAM)
P0410 Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System
P0463 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Voltage
B1327 Vehicle system voltage below 9.0 volts

The check engine light is probably because of the P0410. But the B1327 means that the battery is being pulled down below 9 Volts when you start the car, which can throw all kinds of bogus codes. You need to get your battery fully charged and clear the codes. If any come back, then you know that the problem is real.

Note that Goran W picked up that your battery was down.

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