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Recommended Manufacturer for Eldo radiator (?-opinions)

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Due to the need for a radiator for another car (non-GM), I began to investigate what goes on in the world of Eldorado radiators.

Mine is a 1992 Touring Coupe with the 4.9 engine. Not North Star.

I have delved into the flurry of manufacturers and potions sales out fits etc. I also read some reviews that AC Delco is nothing but a decal on some outsourced or unknown manufacturer of poor quality.

This leads me to inquire who makes the better radiators for this car??

Any recent experience out there?

Nissans? Vist-Pro?, spectra premium cu856?, etc...

I am aware that the plastic filler tank on the OEM radiator has a habit of cracking due to expansion etc.

So, I am trying to learn now about Caddy worthy radiators in order to avoid time consuming research when a perchance happens !!!


I did an archives search and it came up ZERO.

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I have found that a good source of parts is Rock Auto. In contrast with some posts you might have seen elsewhere, OEM parts from dealers with the AC/Delco brand aren't easily surpassed for quality or reliability, including radiators. There's nothing wrong with plastic tank radiators insofar as installing a new one. The problem comes years later when you need to replace a tank or remove the tanks to rod the core and then put the tanks back; it isn't easily done without special equipment. But, so far as I know, there is no source of old-fashioned brass tank and core side-flow radiators that will fit in your car without a custom installation. Your radiator is an aluminum core radiator with cooling vessels in at least one side tank for transmission fluid and possibly an oil cooler, and the plastic tanks are joined with the aluminum core with a joint that includes a neoprene gasket.

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