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Truck Bed paint in the wheel wells

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I love the clean look, and protection in that vulnerable spot on cars in the Northeast - the metal wheel wells. undercoating, although may provide protection, I have found it to turn dirty dull brown/black from road dirt, and it also is a little soft/weak against stones. I recently discovered Dupli Color truck bed paint. It was $8.00 for a 16.5 oz spray can. I Love it!! one can can probably do all 4 wells. I just did parts of the rear. it dries overnight to a rock hard finish, and it stays nice and shiney black - even after driving on dirty wet roads. it also (like undercoating) finds itself between metal seems, and keeps water from settling in there. I would recommend anyone who has signs of surface rust in their wheel wells, or anyone in the NE loking to protect from roadsalt to give this a try. Not sure if everyone is familiar with Naval Jelly - it's the pink slime that when painted on surface rust, and washed off - it turns lightly rusted metal to a black paintable surface - ready for truck bed paint!!

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