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Rain Sense vs. Intermittent...


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Does anyone know.......maybe I have the problem "pats37" was having and need to ground out my wiper motor with a new ground but I can not get the intermittent feature to work because the rainsense just keeps moving them at a rate that is annoying.

Any replies would be helpful..



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I don't think you can turn off "rainsense" and have intermittent wipers. You can however adjust the sensitivity of the "rainsense" wipers by moving the button on top of the wiper stalk upwards.

I have a '98 as well and have been very pleased with the "rainsense" system - sometimes I adjust it to be more sensitive from the center position. If you are having problems it could be that the windshield sensor is out of whack or the wrong adhesive was used if you replaced the windshield....


Tom R.

1998 Cadillac STS with 102K Miles

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And the sensitivity of the sensor can be affected by dirt (as well as water) on the glass directly under the black box. Cleaner is better.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Yea if it's one click up that's on rainsense and it should not come on more than 1 time without rain.. If it's in rainsense (one click up from down) it will turn the wipers on every time you start the car once. It also sometimes randomly picks up some mist if you drive by like a water fountain or something and it goes off.. kinda funny

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thanks to all...I will clean her up real good.......still has factory glass.....usually works fine but sometimes the rainsense gets a little too aggressive and pisses me off......things could be worse at 130K and only using about 1 quart every 500.

Love this hot rod......best kept secret going is a used STS if you work on em your self....take care all!

GMWA :blink:

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ahah you use even more oil than I do .. i thought mine was crazy at like 1000 miles a quart :)

At 1000 miles per quart of oil usage, your engine will last several hundred thousand miles. Based on that data, I would concluse that your engine has a hone pattern that is on the aggressive side which means more oil is retained on the cylinder wall. That will result in greatly reduced wear to the cylinders unless you drive the car like an old woman and the rings are sticking...LOL

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
'04 Deville
2013 Silverado Z71

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