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Need help with codes

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B1348 - Very Low A/C Refrigerant Pressure

Following copied from the "Network codes"

This information applies to all GM vehicles Using Class 2 communication.

DTC U1000 or U1255 may set current or history, with or without other DTCs.

These DTCs set when the control module does not receive a message that it was expecting from another control module, and does not know which control module did not send the message.

  1. If the DTC U1000 or U1255 is set in history with other DTCs set current or history, diagnose the other DTCs first.

  2. If the DTC U1000 or U1255 is set current, this usually indicates a module that is currently not communicating or a configuration issue. For example, if the control module is configured for an option (i.e., OnStar, keyless entry, memory mirrors, etc.) that the vehicle does not have, it may expect to receive a message regarding this missing feature. This would usually occur due to the control module being recently replaced and incorrectly set up.

  3. When the DTC U1000 or U1255 is current, the module that is not communicating may not even be listed on the Tech 2 on the Diagnostic Circuit Check /Class 2 Message Monitor list.

  4. If the DTC U1000 or U1255 has set in history without other DTCs, replacing the control module that set the DTC is most likely NOT the solution. The module that has set the code is looking for an input from another module that is not communicating. Because the module did not receive an input that it is expecting to see, it sets a U1000 or U1255 which indicates there was a loss of communications. Look at the customer's concern (i.e., intermittent, erratic tachometer operation). This will probably be a better indication of the control module that is the source of the concern.

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An occasional U1255 HISTORY code from the IPC can be ignored. These happen once in a long while when the timing of users on the bus clashes and two modules transmit at the same time and both messages are lost. If you don't see it often, it goes away by itself in a few weeks, and there are no functional or driveability problems, you can ignore it.

I would look at having the A/C serviced. My car has never needed FREON, although I did have the compressor replaced about eight years ago, so technically it can't be said to have gone fifteen years. So, you might have them look for leaks while they are servicing your A/C.

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