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Leveling compressor dryer box service


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How do you open the dryer box that sits on top of the electronic leveling compressor? I am going to fix my leveling (see this thread: http://caddyinfo.ipb...44) and as a part of that, I want to have a dryer box with freshly dried desiccant (chemical that absorbs moisture from the air) to prevent further corrosion inside the compressor. I would like to avoid damaging the dryer box, and it would be easier if I new if I should screw off or pry off the lid. Anyone that has done this and would like to share their experiences?

Another question: does anyone now what kind of desiccant is used in those dryer boxes (reactivation drying temperature and time depends on the chemical used)?

(edit: the question is for a -97 DeVille)

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I wouldn't mess with the desiccant box unless it was broken open. If it's clogged or broken open, I would try to unclog the intake rather than take it apart.

If you really want to mess with it, call Chris in Parts at Rippy Automotive in Wilmington NC at (800) 747-7922.

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