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2002 Deville 4.6l abs, traction control, airbag lights will not go off


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I was willed my dads 2002 deville with 97,500 mi.He had the transmission serviced about 6-8 mos.ago. I promptly had all shocks, struts, both front brake roters both cv joints, tires all the way around,. brake fluid replaced, oil change, plugs and plug wires, fuel filters replaced with professional injector cleaning. This gem runs like a sewing machine just the way it was intended from the factory. Yesterday at 98,700mi, after starting, the abs, traction control, and brake indicator lights decided that they wanted to stay on. Could this have been caused by all of the work that I had done to the brakes and suspension system is this just a reset issue?

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When did you have the major service done? U said dad had trans serviced 8 months ago. If u just had front end work done, than its possible a wheel sensor harness was left loose.

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What are the trouble codes stored in diagnostics?

With the key in the run position, simultaneously press and hold the ON/OFF and INFO UP buttons that are on the dash. The system will enter a segment check and then display ALL? The INFO RESET button = NO and the ON/OFF button = yes.

Press ON/OFF to display all the codes, write them down and post them. The trouble codes should provide a clue to what's going on.

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