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ac interior sound


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My problem is - While the ac is on I hear open and closing of a vent from under the glove box. This occurs when fan is on low and in the auto setting. Cadillac Deville 1997. 115k miles. Thanks for any suggestions.

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This may be normal, or it may be due to a vacuum leak causing noisy or excessive servo activity in the temperature control doors. You can check the vacuum by starting the car, putting on the emergency brake, and then seeing if the emergency brake automatically releases quickly when you bring the shifter out of Park. If not, vacuum is not being transmitted through the HVAC system across the car to the servo that releases the parking brake, and there is a loose hose or leak somewhere.

Often there is an OBD code when something is wrong with the A/C vacuum system. Read out the OBD codes and post them here; they may tell exactly where the problem lies.

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I had this issue for a while on my 99 deville, then I ended up with warmer temps on the passenger side after it doing that for awhile. Turned out it was the passenger side temp control actuator that's right behind the glove box. Easy fix and I found one on eBay for about $35.


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The parking brake did not release when removed from park to drive. So now the hunt for the missing, broken vacuum line. I didn't check for any codes in the computer. I will start there first. Thank you for the lead any any further help.

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Here are codes





Following done:

Replace blower fan on fire wall (2 weeks ago)

Replace spark plugs and wires (2 days ago)

Disconnect electric antenna (last year)

Installed delco cd changer in trunk (last year)

Thanks for any help.

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