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cruise cable install


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96 sts. has broken cruise control cable end. got new cable. it is the same length as old one. i see the module or controller by firewall is electric, not vacuum operated. has stepper motor inside? i removed old cable from unit and there is a yellow woven mesh lead that attaches to cruise cable. it pulls out perhaps 2" from module. i hooked up cable and reinserted housing into module and tried to attach other end of cable to throttle. i do rotate throttle about 90deg or wide open but cable is too short. i than tried to take off cable housing at module end and the yellow woven mesh lead seems to have retracted inside module. i cannot even see the yellow mesh now. how do i get the yellow mesh lead to extend? or am i missing something?


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I'm looking at the 1997 FSM pages 9B-4 and the figure on 9B-5. One thing very much struck me: step 2 reads, in part, "... throttle body injection TBI cam..." which tells me that this is edited from an old 4.9 liter manual or older, was not proofread well, and may not be accurate.

My Figure 3 is different from yours. There is no slot key. The module, which is called a "stepper motor module," has a connector that allows a cable with a ball end to be slipped into it that will remain locked if the cable does not go slack.

On installation, it begins with "Nylon cord from module must be flat and not twisted." Apparently you need to make sure that the nylon ribbon is happy or you won't have enough length.

The next step says to seat the cable end into the module and turn until the cable is locked to the module. This apparently is necessary to give all the length of the nylon ribbon out into the cable.

Then it says to connect the cruise control cable to "TBI cam and engine bracket." There is a note to "hold TBI at closed position and engage adjustment lock."

Lastly, put the cruise control cable in the loop in the cable retainer on the left strut tower. There is no picture that shows the detail of how this is done, Figure 4 mainly shows how the cable is dressed when you are done.

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i figured it out. checked alldata for some info on how to get it out. the pic does not show enough detail for my car. the plastic block on end of ribbon cable is D shaped. the molded end of main cable which twists/locks into module body is also D shaped. the smaller piece slides inside and you than fully extend the braided wire stand to keep it locked in place and carefully connect the other end of cable onto the throttle cam. so there is an assembly order. as if anyone ever changes this cable? only if they break the plastic snap fitting on throttle cam. but who disconnects their throttle linkage?

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