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2005 STS - Is the Hood plastic?

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Hi Guys,

I am shopping for a new(used) car and have landed on a nice clean 2005 STS, base V-6, 50 K miles, runs out great. In going over the car I noticed the hood seems to be made of plastic, it is very light and does not seem to be steel? I didn't have a magnet so I couldn't test it that way. With tapping finger nails it sounds nothing like the fenders. Is the original hood on these STSs steel or am I looking at a replacement Hood?

Note - the Autocheck is fine/clean and as a former(old) insurance adjuster, I can find no other evidence that the car was ever hit.

The guy was asking $13,900, I got him down to 12K but we're still 500-750 apart as the car does need new rubber all around.

Thanks for the feed back.

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