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My engine has been stalling lately and sometimes it would run but idle high around 1500 to 2000 and when shutting the car off the gas pedal will move and make a loud clicking noise for about 30 seconds. With the problems when I floor it from about 45 it wont shift into second from forth. It shifts find going up to speed and decelertating, but not when I punch it, I dont have the car by me but I remember to codes p026 and p094 and like p073 and a couple more p09 ones but I cant remember. The engine did get wet and there was won fuse blown to cause it to not shift but I fixed the fuse and it shifts great now. Help whats wrong. It idles high in gear, I can reach 55 mph slowly without touching the gas, thats how its idleing.

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Sounds like your ISC (Idle Speed Control) is at fault. Mine acted the same way. High idle, however I had no problems with shifting.

If you are the type that does your own repairs, you can fix the ISC. If not, then you should have someone professional do the installation.

When the throttle is released, a plunger is depressed in the ISC, and this signals the computer to go to Idle mode.

Chances are the contacts are dirty or bent/broken.

I cleaned and adjusted the points in my ISC and it's been fine for about five years now.

You need to remove the ISC and disassemble to access the points.

If you install a new ISC, you need to do the "Idle learn" procedure described in the shop manual.


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ISC motor was the first thing i had to fix right after i had bought the car four years ago (used 76Kmiles). it was some 80$ part easy to replace. after replacement you need to reprogram the computer - an easy task. i am sure you'll get detailed directions at this forum if you decide to do yourself.

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