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  1. If I did it correctly, the diagram should appear here in this post. Crude hand drawn, however gets the job done.
  2. Thanks BodybyFisher for the notification. I sent Terrence the circuit diagram. Barry
  3. Hi Vince, just happened to check in and saw your post. Here is the text of the information. I don't see any way to attach the diagram, send me a message (IM) with your email address and I will forward the .jpg. (Can you still do an IM in this site?) Thanks, Barry ==================================================================================== There are SEVERAL things that can cause the "Service Ride Control" message to be displayed. You first need to be absolutely sure what component is causing the fault. Error S060 & S061 have nothing to do with the struts. It only involves t
  4. I assume you are referring to the front position sensors. If so it would appear that the '94 Eldorado wiring is different than the '94 STS. I sold my '94 a few years ago and the servive manuals went with it as well. I do find it odd that it is different, however, I'm sure the circuitary and sensor for the Eldorado would be the same. If you can get access to an Eldorado service manual, and cross reference the signals in my diagram to the color of your wires, you should be able to build the circuit. Barry
  5. Years ago I replaced the evaporator on my '94 STS. I disconnected the two top engine mounts (dogbones) and loosened the front frame bolts. I think there were about four bolts on each side. I loosened the front pair to almost al the way out, then the second pair not quite so much, then the third pair about half, then the last pair just a few turns loose. This caused the frame/engine cradle/engine to tilt forward and down. It provided 2-3" inches more space between the rear head and the firewall. No problem then to remove the evaporator. The manual said to remove the engine. Don't know if
  6. Sorry, I have no knowledge of the 2002 DTS sensors. You would need to check out the function of the sensor in a GM service manual. If the circuit description reads the same, then likely the circuit may work as well. You need to know voltage "in", voltage(signal) "out" of the DTS sensor. One circuit per sensor would be the best. You could have a central "feed" (Voltage/signal out) and feed that to all four sensors at the same time. (Would require several long runs of wire, not too practical. "do I need to disconnect the sensor or cut the wires going to it". Post #7 addresses that. I belie
  7. Great review. A CTS was my first choice to replace the '94 STS, however last year a '08 STS (V8) came along at a great deal. I did have a CTS (3.6 DI) out for a test ride, not as a lengthy a ride as you, and it worked very well. I'm very pleased with the STS, and would have been happy with a CTS as well. Barry
  8. Hi Ken, I sent you the information. If you have any questions, please ask. Barry
  9. Mark, Any method to arrive at 2.5v would work. Even a battery pack with a pair of rechargeable AA would work.(2.6v) The object is to keep the voltage stable around 2.5 volts. A voltage divider would work if you can maintain a constant 2.5 v. Voltage dividers output will depend on the "load", however, the load should not vary as this is a signal input to the computer. I can't verify that, just assuming. The reason to keep the voltage stable is that if it varies too much, then the struts will constantly be switching ride positions. Barry
  10. Mark, The suspension control is not too sophisticated. The struts only have three positions, soft, medium, firm. Soft is set automatically when under approx 30 mph (forget exact number). Medium is the next setting, to approx 30 to 50. Firm setting is around 50-60 mph. The position sensors are there to "over ride" the strut's normal settings. Example -- In a sharp turn, a compressed or extended sensor will switch the strut to the "firm" setting, aiding in controlling the vehicle. As the sensors are compressed or extended, they will change the strut firmness. Both my front position sens
  11. My corvette is a 1970 LT-1 coupe. I purchased it new in 1970. It's almost all original, including the paint. A couple of years ago I upgraded the transmission to a 5 speed. The overdrive 5th is great on the highway. A fun car, I still enjoy driving it. Barry
  12. In my '94, the AC plugs were junk, in less than 50k mi., the platinum pads were gone, along with part of the electrodes. I then tried the Bosch platinum plug, and they didn't last very well either. I then tried NGK and they were excellent. Worked exceptionally well and lasted a very long time. GM have used NGK in some of the new vehicles. My neighbor had a "shortstar" in his Olds, and the factory plug was NGK. I think Corvettes came with NGK as well. NGK are a quality plug. Not Cadillac, however a few years ago I bought new plugs for my Corvette, Delco, and they were terrible. The qua
  13. I finally found the diagram I made when I bypassed the sensors. This should help as well. Barry
  14. Sorry, I couldn't find any pictures of the sensor. It's a black (approx) 1.5" x 4" x 1" "thing", attached to the front strut, with a wire attached. There is also a "plastic rod" attached to the sensor that is attached to the lower control arm. It's very obvious when you look in that area. (It's not part of the strut, just attached to it) I didn't think a '93 had these position sensor ??? Barry
  15. There are SEVERAL things that can cause the "Service Ride Control" message to be displayed. You first need to be absolutely sure what component is causing the fault. Error S061 has nothing to do with the struts. It only involves the position sensor. These position sensors fail frequently. They are expensive to replace. Both my front position sensors failed on my '94. I could not give GM $500.00 each for $25.00 worth of sensors. So I "bypassed" the sensor to keep the computer "happy".. If you check out the wiring and also see if the actuator arm is still connected, and it still sets
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