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TC and Stability Control Issues

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I have always driven anything with TC and some form of 'electronic handling' with both OFF or both ON as just turning TC off can get you killed in some vehicles. Corvettes are notorious for hanging the tail out if you bang a gear and then if you counter steer to straighten the darn handling can actually make your car 'pendulum' and get you in trouble.

Cadillac, at least the STS-V has a similar but more insidious issue. If you are pulling out quickly and there is just a touch of gravel/sand etc, the car will essentially 'stop' for a bit and then catch again. This is most disconcerting if you are getting out in front of a semi with what is believed to be good room.

Turning TC off does nothing as the tire spin then activates the SC which 'does it's thing' and essentially causes this very ugly pause. Turn them both off and guess what - same problem! What? How can this be as they are turned off.

Was speaking with another STS-V owner who has a very highly modified unit and he told me that when the car is tuned you can go in and essentially set the car via tuning for the Active Handling to be truly off when you manually turn this system off. When mine was tuned I had this done and now if I turn both off, both are really off and I have no repetition of the 'pause' problem if on light sand etc.

In some cars you turn this off and it truly is off but in the STS-V you turn it off and the Stability Control is still on and can be ugly. You may want to remember this if you get yours tuned.

I don't know if all Cadillacs do this but, if so, it is good to be aware of the issue.

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That "PAUSE" as you pull out... could sure get your heart rate up... :):)

I thought that you could push the button "AGAIN" and it turned it all off... but I don't have that kind of car, so I don't really know.

That was just something I remember reading.

My son had a 2007 Sierra Denali pickup with the 6.2 liter engine that was that way.

You push the button once.. TC was off.. you pushed it again and HOLD IT for five seconds and it turned everything off...

When TC is "OFF" in my car... Stability Control is still on.

It never interferes with wheelspin .. unless... the car starts slipping sideways due to the wheelspin... then it steps in and gets in the way of what you are trying to do.

I need to hook up my laptop to it and see if there is a way to turn it completely off in the DTS.

Since it is a GRAMPA car... probably not a way to turn it totally off... :(

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Every time this has happened I was making a hard turn and pulling out from a dead stop. In the Chevies when both are turned off they are OFF. Not so in the STS, I think it has to do with the front wheels also being turned and it seeing a slight slippage from the rear which causes SC to 'do it's thing' which was very disconcerting to say the least.

Anyway, this can and does happen with some Cadillacs and it can be potentially dangerous to one's sense of calm.

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