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  1. I always did this from the second time a drove a vehicle; just didn't bang gears in a manual trans. ALL seated rings well and none used oil at all. Used to think this was mythology but not according to Reher-Morrison. As to my STS-V, I bought it used with 9700 on the clock and have been usning it pretty hard with no ill effects or oil consumption but it does go through tires.
  2. It is funny but since this post I have heard of many who are 'using oil' in new cars. Not all are old farts like me either; some are in their 30's and have bought new vehicles and they use oil. I think using Mobil 1 as factory fill for the first fill may be a questionable practice as not many are hard on cars from the get go. I find those who say they are going to hammer the thing after it's first heat cycle usually have NO problems with oil consumption as the rings truly get a chance to seat. The ones who are very gentle with the car generally have useage issues. This is especially true of the 'cruse' crowd in Vettes. Lastly, none of the 4 cyls seem to use oil and my theory is that they have to rev a lot more than an eight cylinder unit just to keep up with traffic and their rings seat rather quickly.
  3. The wheels from Direct Performance were not only new, OEM wheels but they were perfect. When checked by the Hunter 9700 they were all found to be perfectly true etc. As to price: what can I tell you. All four new wheels were less than two new ones from the dealer. They were a pleasure to deal with and, if I need more wheels, I will got to them first.
  4. I applied the Zaino and the Duragloss each to a different fender. It has been raining here a lot - too much to be honest and the car has been washed two times. The Duragloss looks and smells like the Zaino if that means anything and they both seem to be holding up the same. I have intentionally left the car in the pollen/rain to see what difference there was in water beading etc. I see not difference at all. I will wait a few more weeks and if I see any difference I will post it.
  5. Thank you to everyone for our help. It IS appreciated.
  6. These things are potential rockets and the third member seems to be the only weak link - amazing. Jeremy, from Fasterproms, has three of them in the very high 9's with just a tune, bolt ons and tires - amazing to me. These cars are incredible - - almost unbelievable.
  7. Every time this has happened I was making a hard turn and pulling out from a dead stop. In the Chevies when both are turned off they are OFF. Not so in the STS, I think it has to do with the front wheels also being turned and it seeing a slight slippage from the rear which causes SC to 'do it's thing' which was very disconcerting to say the least. Anyway, this can and does happen with some Cadillacs and it can be potentially dangerous to one's sense of calm.
  8. I have always driven anything with TC and some form of 'electronic handling' with both OFF or both ON as just turning TC off can get you killed in some vehicles. Corvettes are notorious for hanging the tail out if you bang a gear and then if you counter steer to straighten the darn handling can actually make your car 'pendulum' and get you in trouble. Cadillac, at least the STS-V has a similar but more insidious issue. If you are pulling out quickly and there is just a touch of gravel/sand etc, the car will essentially 'stop' for a bit and then catch again. This is most disconcerting if you are getting out in front of a semi with what is believed to be good room. Turning TC off does nothing as the tire spin then activates the SC which 'does it's thing' and essentially causes this very ugly pause. Turn them both off and guess what - same problem! What? How can this be as they are turned off. Was speaking with another STS-V owner who has a very highly modified unit and he told me that when the car is tuned you can go in and essentially set the car via tuning for the Active Handling to be truly off when you manually turn this system off. When mine was tuned I had this done and now if I turn both off, both are really off and I have no repetition of the 'pause' problem if on light sand etc. In some cars you turn this off and it truly is off but in the STS-V you turn it off and the Stability Control is still on and can be ugly. You may want to remember this if you get yours tuned. I don't know if all Cadillacs do this but, if so, it is good to be aware of the issue.
  9. I seem to remember that all OBD II units have four sensors; earlier ones had two. NOTE: I have been wrong before!
  10. If it has four 02 sensors just replace the fronts and forget the rears as they are just there to let one know if the converter goes south - if it does you won't need a sensor to let you know. I had my rears programmed OFF.
  11. Where the hell did this take place? Any American idiot KNOWS if you do a burn out in anything be it posi or not you do it on flat ground . . . . geeze.
  12. A lot to read, I hope I can remember some points. On the LS2 powered CTS-V with normal aspiration tuning will eliminate uglies like the first to fourth PITA, you can eliminate launch control and torque management and optimize A/F ratio and timing as well as 'tip in' response via reprogramming timing drop at tip in. The Caddy's Jeremy has done with the LS2 make 370 to 395rwhp on a Dynojet 248. The over 370rwhp units have long tubes and ported intake manifolds. This translates into about 490 to 500 at the flywheel if you divide by .84 to account for the 16% drivetrain parasitic loss in the Tremec and differential. Pretty good if you ask me. I think the Tremec is more fun to drive but the auto is faster in the quarter mile for sure. Don't know spit about the tire situation but I do know that wheel hop exist in about any IRS setup. My 05&08 Vettes did it even with double adjustable Strange shocks on them. My friend's tuned, 2012 CTS-V does it too (it didn't until it was tuned) and I don't think the axle difference helps when you let a lot more torque go through the trannie. Oh, as you may know I am a big fan of the Mobil 1 in 0W-40 for the extra film strength and extra phos and zinc. The supercharged V's are very nice and, if like other forced induction units, they should be fine for reliability. Forged parts etc. are used to allow for the extra cylinder pressure etc.
  13. When my vettes were tuned we always ported out the flashings in the intake manifold and were amazed at the oil in the intake ports of the cylinder heads. This oil came into the system via the PCV system and oil in the combustion chamber is not good. What I did with an LS2 and an LS3 was to eliminate the PCV system, yeah - a no-no, and replaced the oil filler cap with a K&N breather and had NO problems in over 60K with the two cars. I cleaned the K&N with each oil change and popped it back on. There was NO oil film on the engine etc. I don't see why this won't work on a normally aspirated unit. I have not done this to the STS-V because I have no idea if there is a significant difference in crankcase pressure. If there is, I don't want to mess anything up but if there isn't I would gladly ditch the PCV system for the "old reliable" breather cap. I would think the difference can't be that great but really have no way to know at present. I do know that no oil in the combustion chamber avoids a lot of potential for problems. As to there being a lot of oil in the film - we use an Aerospace vacuum pump on the drag car and after driving to the pits, making a pass and driving back to the trailer, total distance is less than a mile, we get about 6 oz. of WATER from the catch can and about a few drops of oil. This is water and not oil. We know this from collecting the seemingly dirty water and letting it sit. The few drops of oil and the water separate and it is immediately evident that there is almost NO oil in the catch can. Hope this helps a bit.
  14. 189mph in a vehicle that has the aerodynamics of an Amish barn - amazing. Who would believe it?
  15. TJ, Thank you very much for the courtesy of the photos - I will check today.