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For over 27 years I drove Corvettes from stroker LPE units to tuned with full bolt on units. I have also had a drag car for the past 12 years and it is, on a good day, an 8 second car. The drag car is a 100% business write off since retiring from the pacemaker and defibrillator field. I now make drag racing parts.

A spine, fused on eight levels, said it was time to stop driving Vettes daily. We must get older but the growing up part is still optional - I will take the option and try to be kinder to my spine.

I decided to get a more civilized ride but did not want to sacrifice passing ability, fun or just a tad of mini-rush now and then; but what to get? I bought a friend's STS-V when he orderded two CTS's. It had 9700 on the clock. It is an 07 unit.

As received it was strictly OEM. Since then it has been tuned fully and the trans is set up to allow 80% of the torque to be utilized. **Here I confess ignorance as to 'allowing torque percentages' utilized to be changed**. This said, since the full tune the car is a different vehicle in all ways. Still very smooth and civilized but now if you hammer it the thing goes well and is surprising. It is interesting to be in first and give it some throttle and light the Michelins. This is not Cadillac behavior.

The car feels like a high 12 second car to me and, believe it or not, I consider it on par with my LS2 Vette when it was stock. It is just much more comfortable and less attention attracting.

I am very surprised that a car this large will handle this well and also perform as well with aplomb. To say I am pleased with the car is an understatement and, to be honest, I prefer it to my friends fully tuned CTS-V which is in a league of it's own when it comes to performance. I may get into a tad of trouble with the STS but with his CTS-V I would go to jail for sure . . .

This car, to date, is the most satisfying car I have ever owned.

Like my wife - this one is a keeper.


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Thank you for this summary, dog. My heart races when I am next to any V, but I really like the STS look in a V. Thanks

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