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Bruce: Order of Messages on Board


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I've been trying to figure out how the messages move about the board. Sometimes I find a message which has been on page two has moved to the top of the board on page one. I suppose it's when other replies are added; but sometimes replies are added and the message doesn't move.

Just curious as to how it works.

Also, sometimes messages are "moved" and it is so stated. How does that come about?


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Everytime someone posts, the thread is 'bumped' up to the top. This is always the case but it might appear not to be. For example, if you post in a thread near the bottom of the page then hit back, it will still be near the bottom unless you hit refresh. Similarily, if the board is very active, a post that you just made might be already working its way down the list due to other threads being bumped.

Sometimes you might see a thread near the top that appears to be old, even with the last post being old. It might have been bumped by a new post that has since been deleted.

When messages are "moved", they are done so by Bruce. :)


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