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2005 Escalade - State of Affairs

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Good afternoon guys,

just thought I would post an update on my 2005 Escalade.

I now have 83,000 miles on her and she still performs and looks GREAT! I just had my annual inspection and believe it or not, I still have the original brakes and the mechanic said I still have 15 or 20,000 miles left on them. I never heard of brakes lasting over 100K, but it is what it is!!

The only thing I had to do yesterday was to order replacement wheels for it. The original chrome wheels have peeled so badly on the inside that I can no longer keep them in balance. It's a shame too because on the outside they look perfect, but the chrome is peeling off in clumps now and since I intend on keeping this vehicle for a while, I ordered the same style wheels, BUT in unplated aluminum with a clear powder coat. These should now last the remainder of the vehicle's life and I can now get my wheels in perfect balance once again.

Other than that, this vehicle is the best I have ever owned! Other than the wheels and a routine maintenance, this Escalade has not cost me a penny, and I look forward to putting a bunch more miles on her before buying a new Escalade. I am sure that in the years to come I will have to repair or replace something, but I am so far ahead of the game I have no complaints.




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It is always nice to hear that everything is going well for someone.

Reading the forums all the time, it seems like everyone is always having problems ... LOL

I have almost 103, 000 on my DTS and it still has the original factory brakes on it.

It is possible for them to last that long... but I think it is rare.

Lot of people seem to be hard on brakes... I don't know why.

I did recently have the coolant and the transmission fluid changed on mine.

It has never let me down... it's always ready to go when I am... Just like a Cadillac should be.. :) :)

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Great to hear.

My 04 Escalade is about to turn 100,000 miles.

I bought it a little over 3 years ago, used, with 44,000 miles on it.

I have done some routine stuff. Oil changes, differential fluid, trans fluid, radiator fluid, plugs & wires...

The front diff was rebuilt under warranty when I first bought it.

But really, the truck has been everything I hoped it would be when I bought it. It still looks great, runs great, rides great.

If I need to go and do a job, it carries my toolboxes and gets me down a dirt access road. If I need to drive to Florida, load it up, it's comfy on a super long drive. Pick up people at the airport?? Perfect. For what I personally need a truck for, this truck does it all in style, and makes it look easy.

My nitpicky complaints would be accessory related, really... the Factory NAV is wildly overrated. Nearly useless for me, unless you wanna just watch a moving map... Map Upgrade discs are outrageous... I'm baffled and disappointed that no GM engineers ever heard of an "IPod" when they spec'd the radio... (I mean, really??? If you could afford an Escalade, you probably have an IPhone/IPod Touch, right???).

Those are nitpicky complaints though. The truck is great.

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