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  1. So I just hit 116,000 miles on my Escalade and with only a few issues. I had to replace the rear air shocks because the original bladders were no longer holding air and the compressor was coming on too often. After some research, I decided on the Arnott (Florida) brand of Shocks that are rebuilt Factory shocks BUT they are using Goodyear Rubber bladders and they are guaranteed for life. According to Arnott, GM uses cheaper rubbers and they do not hold up was well as the Goodyear does. Arnott also sell new ones, but the new versions bypass the computer and so no computer adjusted ride is activated. I did not want that. I purchased these rebuilt shocks for around $400 bucks, installed them and they worked perfect for a year. After a year the solinoid failed on one (service ride control warning on dash) and I contacted Arnott. They immediately sent out a replacement, paid for the freight both ways, and my out of pocket expense was zero. Twenty minutes later the new shock was installed and works like new again. The ride is original Factory! These Factory air shocks that are rebuilt by Arnott are less about $600 bucks less than the Caddy Dealer and they are also guaranteed for life! Anyone having issues with their rear shocks should look into Arnott - a very reputable Company IMHO. The GM OEM's are only a 1 year warranty. I have since replaced a few more light bulbs in the steering wheel switches but I followed the same procedure I posted years ago right here. Cost me around $3 dollars for the bulbs. Had to replace the gas pistons that hold open the rear hatch and that took about 2 minutes after I received them from a Caddy Dealer on line. Other than these few minor items, the 2005 Escalade has proven to be the best vehicle I have ever owned and is STILL running 100%. I only WISH the new ones were not so damned ULGY!! Who ever designed them should be fired and banned from the industry. BLECHHHH!!!! Guess I will be keeping my '05 until they redesign the Escalade and de-ugly it!
  2. I now have 114,000 MILES ON MY 2005 ESCALADE and it is still running great. I would like to change the PCV valve but do not know where it is located. Can anyone give me some help or post a photo? Thank you in advance.
  3. Well my 2005 escalade just turned 100,000 miles last week and I tried to post a picture of the odometer but the file was too large Since I do not know how to reduce the file size, you'll just have to take my word. Still have the ORIGINAL brakes (State Inspection Mechanic said about 30% left in front 50% in rear) and the only things I've done to the vehicle are as follows: Complete changing of the following fluids: Cooling System, Transmission, Differential, Transfer Case, Braking System, etc. ​New Serpentine Belt New Battery 2 new sets of tires New Plugs & Wire Set Replaced Fog Lights (old ones started collecting water inside) New front Air Bag Sensor Replaced Drivers seat heating pad unit Replace windshield (broken from rock on highway) Replace a tail light bulb and a few bulbs in the steering wheel switches. Other than that, all I've done is change the oil and filter with Amsoil 5W20 Synthetic and their Filter once a year ( or 15K ) but since I don't drive more than 12 K a year I just do it every October. Amsoil guarantees their oil & filters for 25K. To the best of my recollection, that's it! No plans to sell it and it shines like the day I bought it - BEST VEHICLE I have ever owned and I enjoy driving it each time I get behind the wheel. I do all my own maintenance and repair work except for the Windshield and heated seat pad. I might look at the newly designed Escalade (2016 model) if it proves to be high quality. Note: My wife's 2010 Buick LaCrosse is also spectacular and has not been back to the Dealer since the day we drove it home almost 4 years ago. Fantastic car too!
  4. Thanks for the post. If I experience this problem again I will heed your advise and give it a shot myself. I do have the tools, skills and mechanical ability, I was just nervous about the leather. Regards, twocoltbob
  5. I like to stop by this Forum and post an update from time to time for the benefit of others. My 2005 Cadillac Escalade now has just shy of 89,000 miles on it and is still running strong. The only issue I recently had was that the heated Driver's seat crapped out. The heater coils had broken or shorted and the seat would not stay on for more than 20 - 30 seconds. I brought it into Caddy for that repair because I simply did not feel comfortable in removing the leather from the seat (didn't want to tear that!!). The Dealership gave me a free loaner (DTS) for the day (which was very nice of them since my vehicle has NOT been under warranty for quite a long time), and the next day it was as good as new. Set me back about $600 bucks including sales tax but they replaced BOTH the seat and the seat back heating coils so I should be good for quite a while now. Other than that there is not much else to say except that I fully intend on keeping this Escalade for at least another 3 years and it is STILL the best vehicle I have EVER owned! Happy New Year, Twocoltbob
  6. Just figured I'd stop by for another update on my 2010 Buick Lacrosse. The car now has 21,000 miles on it and it has still not seen the service Department because so far it has been 100%. I do all my own maintenance and there have never been any issues. The ONLY negative comments I can make about the vehicle after two years of ownership is that IMHO the front bumper was designed too low to the ground. If you inadvertently pull too far forward when parking you will scrape the bottom of the bumper on the concrete tire stops in the parking spots. Yes we have learned how to safely park it, but there are a few scrapes on the underside. The other idiosyncrasy is there is a blind spot caused by the front frame supports on either side of the windshield. I am sure they are there for crash strength and I would be happy about them if we ever rolled over, but they do cause a blind spot when turning. Not terrible, but I wish they could trim them down a bit in the future. Other than that the car has been a sheer pleasure to drive! We now see quite a few of them around town and they do seem to be selling well according to a friend that works at the Dealership. I would highly recommend this vehicle and for the price of about $31,000 it is a lot of car for the money! Regards, Twocoltbob
  7. Good afternoon guys, just thought I would post an update on my 2005 Escalade. I now have 83,000 miles on her and she still performs and looks GREAT! I just had my annual inspection and believe it or not, I still have the original brakes and the mechanic said I still have 15 or 20,000 miles left on them. I never heard of brakes lasting over 100K, but it is what it is!! The only thing I had to do yesterday was to order replacement wheels for it. The original chrome wheels have peeled so badly on the inside that I can no longer keep them in balance. It's a shame too because on the outside they look perfect, but the chrome is peeling off in clumps now and since I intend on keeping this vehicle for a while, I ordered the same style wheels, BUT in unplated aluminum with a clear powder coat. These should now last the remainder of the vehicle's life and I can now get my wheels in perfect balance once again. Other than that, this vehicle is the best I have ever owned! Other than the wheels and a routine maintenance, this Escalade has not cost me a penny, and I look forward to putting a bunch more miles on her before buying a new Escalade. I am sure that in the years to come I will have to repair or replace something, but I am so far ahead of the game I have no complaints. Regards, TCB
  8. This is just an update: I have had the Galaxy 1000 Bluetooth system for about two weeks now and I just wanted to let everybody (who is interested), that the system works quite well. I would definitely recommend it to someone that does not have Bluetooth and who plans on keeping their vehicle for a while, although the system should be capable of being transferred to another GM vehicle with On Star. It works so well, that I gave away my Motorola Bluetooth earpiece today. Regards, Bob
  9. So Bruce, do you have a more specific date when this Baby is due to be released for sale?? Looks AWSOME!! Regards, twocoltbob
  10. If the car is still under the Warranty there should be no cost to you at all. If you have gone over on the millage, I would meet with the Dealer General Manager or the owner and explain the situation. There is always something that can be done if you get on the right side of the people who run/own the Dealership. I have made it a point to meet and get to know the Gen. Mgr; Svc. Mgr; and the Owner of the Dealership I buy my vehicles from. It can certainly never hurt. If you meet with the "Brass" and they still can't/won't do anything for you, you can get a used unit from a scrap yard, on line, etc. for a lot less than a new one. You can also go on line and find new units at discounted prices. The only bad part of doing that is you will have to do the installation yourself (which should not be that hard anyway). Good Luck. twocoltbob
  11. Sorry to hear that you had to replace them at only 52K. My friend is a Mechanic and he told me they are very expensive. I have 72K on mine and all is well. I have not babied my '05 Escalade, have gone off road on occasion, driven down some pitiful roads, and thankfully they are still working just fine with no leaks.
  12. Yes, I received the Galaxy 1000 last week and installed it in 5 minutes. It works very well! The owner of the company Fred Small is a stand-up guy, calls right back if you have any questions, and told me if any updates in software come out, he will install them free of charge. The unit works just as it is advertised, and so far is clear and reliable. The only small inconvenience is that the phone button on the steering wheel won't work. You must push the button on the mirror (which by the way is exactly how he states it on his infomercial). That is one of the software updates he is currently working on. So far I am a "happy camper" and I would absolutely recommend it!
  13. Well I finally got off my butt and ordered the Galaxy 1000 this week. I should have it installed and working by the weekend, so after a test period I will report on how it works.
  14. Jim, you might be right. Who knows......... I can think of a few solutions to make the system work safely and I am certainly not an engineer. 1) run a hose or tube (from the radiator) through the WW container which would heat the fluid. Use a thermostat in line to stop the flow of hot water when it gets too hot. 2) Use a heated air fan under the WW bottle. Doesn't actually go in the bottle, just under it. Use a thermostat to turn system on when ambient temp. drops below 32 degrees. I am sure there are plenty more, so who knows what the Company was thinking??
  15. Well here's my take: Every time an Auto Manufacturer adds a new accessory or any improvement, there is always a risk that they may find somewhere down the road that it is not performing as they had hoped or designed it. It is their duty to either inform the public and repair the problem or modify the accessory so it no longer poses a threat. In this case I would imagine that GM had so many things on their plate due to the economy, the health of the Company, and times in general, they decided that it was not worth spending the capitol to redesign the system that was a non essential one in the first place. Now I am not saying it is not nice to have the heated fluid in the windshield washer, but certainly it is no great inconvenience to anybody if it were disabled. I live in the Northeast and have gone through many severe winters without this system. Just add some W.W. antifreeze and you're good to go! I am sure down the road someone will probably redesign one that is safer, but I thought the fact that the Company did show good faith in reimbursing customers the $100.00 was at least a step in the right direction. I do not have this system in any of my 4 GM vehicles, and if I was a "victim" of this recall I might feel a wee bit upset, but I would be happy the Company did something! Remember, not every new accessory is going to work 100%. This is just reality, so take the 100 bucks and have a good dinner with your wife. Anyway, that's my .02 cents. Regards, twocoltbob
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