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My concern is a frequent Code 046, Left to right fuel imbalance. When I look into the diagnostic display in the ECM fields, there are several items that are identified as Left, then the next will show Right. Each shows comparable numbers for Left and Right, EXCEPT ED 38 and ED 39, which are "L B/L Fuel" and R B/L Fuel." I do not know what B/L stands for, but I have noticed that the following occurs:

Left @650-700 idle= 105 and @ 1500-1600= 120

Right = 135 and = 141

There certainly appears to be some imbalance, but not only do I not know what B/L means, I also do not know if one of the two ranges is correct, and what needs to be done to correct the other.

If the imbalance means that one or more injectors is clogged/non functioning/etc, is there a way I can test them so I do not have to think about buying four at a time!!

Thanks, Al

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Thanks for the quick response. Can you tell me what block/learn actually means? When you say "pressurize" I am assuming you mean to turn the key on so the fuel pump will operate, and then I would see a leaky injector immediately. And I guess this would best be done when the engine is cold, so any spray (fumes) would not be dangerous. Am I on track?? Al

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