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Driveability problems

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When I accelerate my rpms jump up sort of roughly 100-200 rpm incriments. Its not as smoothe as it used to be. The only code i have gotten is PO36 (93 sts EGR??) I get it every other month or so...maybe less. Also my brakes pop slighly when i release them sometimes. Any thoughts?

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Your EGR canister needs cleaning. A link on how to fix follows (from the old board).


A little advice before you start. If your engine is cold, start and let the engine run for about 60 seconds before trying to remove the EGR canister for cleaning. Shut off the engine after 60 sec and then have a go at it. The canister should now be slightly warm and easy to remove without tearing the gasket...... which you can then reuse (it should stay put).

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