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Service Ride Control Message

ed blaq

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Started to get this message this weekend. Very infrequently, but there none the less. What does it mean and has anyone ever followed up on it?

the rod seems to be handling just fine. Any input appreciated! Ownerws manual

said to take to dealer. Yikes!!


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The first thing to do is try and narrow down the source for the trigger of this message. With the key on, press the 'off' and 'warmer'(red) buttons on the climate control. Hold them both down until the dash display blinks, changes and begins to read out fault codes. Write them down and post your findings.

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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On my '92 Seville, "Service Ride Control" meant that one of the electronically controlled struts had failed. (It was the front-right).

By all means, post any error codes you have. I used to have a shop manual that explained the codes. I no longer have it but I am sure there are lots of people here that do...

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