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Steam, Coolant Odor.


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My '94 seville (Northstar) is at it again. Yesterday the

low coolant indicator came on and had to add short of

a gallon. Steam has been rising from under the hood,

drivers side towards the fire wall. But no obvious

leaks. Coolant odor is entering the cabin. Any ideas

where it can be leaking from or how to diagnose?

I rplaced the water pump cartridge a few months ago.

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It sounds like the vicinity of the waterpump. Hook up a cooling system pressure tester to the system and examine the area closely for leaks.

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I've got the wrong type of cap. Mine

has the drop valve (to allow vacuum

to suck fluid back to the system), and

it didn't hold more than 12 psi. So fluid may

be leaking to the ground. The system

held 14 psi pretty well. What was wrong with

the old fashion coolant recovery tank where

one could actually see the level and overflow

didn't fall to the street? Anyway, does one

have to get the correct cap from the d(s)tealer,

cause NAPA sold me this one.

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You have a surge tank cap with to low of a pressure rating. Get a 15 lb. pressure rated cap, I would recommend a Stant brand cap.

From your description of the possible leak area, it may be one or both of the short silicone heater hoses. They are located near and below the master brake cylinder, and the throttle body. They are hard to see and to get at.

These short (about 3" long and green in color) hoses connect the heater system with the water pump, for cycling the coolant. Often these hoses only leak when under hard acceleration due to the extra water pump circulatory pressure.

Unless actually physically damaged, do not replace these hoses. They are made of a special silicone to endure the heat of the flexible exhaust that goes to the EGR valve, located very close to them.

Tighten all FOUR screws that hold them in place. Usually that is all you need to do.

If you have been replacing much coolant, it would be a good idea to replenish the Bars Leak Gold Seal, that needs to be in the system.

See attached image, one of the green silicone hoses is visible, the other is right next to it,closer to the engine.



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Another way to get at them is with a 1/4" drive ratchet and a 5/16" socket; extension lengths as required. Snug them down good, but do not break the clamp.


Drive'em like you own 'em. - ....................04 DTS............................


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