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need help

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i know this sounds stupid putting in my 99 motor i forgot the positive cable that runs down along the altanatoer witch it hooks to then gos down alonge the rad fans over to the driver side does it go to the abs brakes or the main fuses i forgot?? please help!!

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In my 1997, there are three battery cables that hook to the positive terminal of the battery. They go to:

  • The starter cable goes under the beauty cover below the intake manifold in the front of the engine.
  • The alternator charging cable goes down inside the right fender well to the alternator armature terminal at the rear of the alternator. The alternator is low at the front of the engine, apparently so that it can get cooling from the air below the engine.
  • The main electrical system cable parallels the alternator cable but then goes behind the lower radiator amount across the car and then back to the main MaxiFuse and relay blocks in front of the left strut.

Your car may combine the last two cables or tie them together until one breaks out for the alternator. In my 1997 model year car, even a recent replacement that has only one copper connector at the battery has three separate wires.

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