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I have an 03 Seville and recently replaced the brake light bulbs becasue they burned out. I ran a check on the codes and got a P0719 Brake Switch Circuit Low code. I tried replacing the switch by the brake pedal but it didn't solve the problem with the code. Everything is working fine otherwise. Anyone have any ideas why I'm getting that code and possible solutions? Thanks!

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If you have corrected the problem with the new brake switch it will take 40 warmup cycles (without another fault) for the code to erase itself. You can also reset the MIL if you have the scan (OBD II) reader with this function. My data is from a service manual from a 2004 Olds Bravada (but am fairly confident it would be similar to your vehicle as well).


'17 XT5, '04 Bravada........but still lusting for that '69 Z-28

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Is it a history or current code? The light should go out after 3 ignition cycles with no fault detected, but will remain in history as C&C mentioned (without the MIL illuminated). Try clearing the code via the onboard diagnostics (no code reader necessary on a Cadillac) and see if it returns.

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