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2005 Cadillac SRX Liftgate Wiring harness


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Started having problems with my reverse lights not working again (read : http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=21874 ). Opened up the wiring harness in this location and sure enough green wire broken (again), also several other wires showing weak places / bare wire. Fixed the green wire (again), put tape around the other wires that had bare spots. There are two really thick wires (prob for the rear defrosters?) - the black one of those was broken too. Harder to properly repair this one because of the higher gauge - ended up using one of those crimp on connectors for now and electrical tape on top of that. Getting really uncomfortable about the whole setup.

There are disconnects before the wiring harness enters the car - would like to replace the entire wiring harness in the lift-gate up to those disconnects. Should be fairly easy. Lift-gate is easy to get into. Anyone know where I could order this online without a visit to the stealership - or maybe a part number. Have google-ed with no results.



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Check the parts diagrams at http://www.compnine.com for reference info.

Update -- looks like they redesigned their site and not everything works quite right yet. I got a blank page for 2005 SRX info. Didn't spend more time investigating to see if it was a browser issue or site issue.

Check gmpartsdirect.com then choose catalog then year make model and then I put "harness" in the search and got several listed. Keep in mind 'rear door' means the back doors not the tailgate in this context I guess.


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thanks for the research. I too get the blank screen on that first link. Tried IE, Chrome, and even my Andriod smartphone. I had tried GMPartsDirect already, have not found the part yet, but I may have missed it.

I ended up swinging by a junkyard on the way to work and found what I needed. The interior trim is easy to remove, but man there is a lot more to the harness then I thought. Took a while to get it all undone - will take even longer to install since I'll have to be less 'rough' on my car then I was the junker/loaner. FYI the 3rd brake light has to be removed to unplug the cable that goes to this. Thinking about splicing that part in since alot is involved in removing the 3rd brake light.

I have some (part?) numbers off a sticker on the cable....googled them with no results:



Will try to post some pics as I do this...

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