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led brake light on trunk lid. 2000 DTS


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Is there a fuse for the led brake light on the trunk lid.This light does not work. The other brake light work.

All the brake lamps are on the same fuse: STOPLP 15A, located in the underseat fuse box. If the fender mounted stop lamps and your cruise control are operating properly, that fuse is not your problem.

The next likely suspect is the chassis ground block connector (G402) located at the left corner of the trunk, directly forward of the left tail lamp assembly.

The next likely suspect is a broken wire in the harness that is buried in the channel of the left side trunk support arm.

After that all checks out, you have a failed trunk mounted LED lamp assembly.


Drive your car.

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The 3rd lamp for the Deville / DTS are so cheap new they are not worth fixing. Under $100 new from gmpartsdirect.com

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