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Post some pictures of 00-05 DeVilles with 18" rims please

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Hi caddy friends

I need some new rims for my 03 DeVille.

18" is a good trade-off between comfort and sport.

And I don't really like the looks of 22" inch bling chrome wheels...

So please post pictures you have of Devilles with 18" rims!

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Silver one was mine, the black a friend of mines. Mine had 22s, the blacks are 20s. You are right, DO NOT get 22s LOL. They throw the speedometer off, they are subject to dents and blown tires from potholes and rub a little in the front. On the other hand, the 20s my buddy had dont affect the speedometer and he didnt have problems with potholes. 20s seem like a good size for these cars. 18s not too bad also. 18 youll get a little more tire so thats up to you but the 20s rode pretty nice. Another thing to factor is wheel weight. My 22s were HEAVY and slowed the cars power down noticeably. Maybe an 18" set wouldnt weigh as much as a 20" set?

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