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Cadillac Launches STS Marketing Blitz

Bruce Nunnally

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DETROIT - The All-New Cadillac STS is set to embark on a road trip across the nation's top cities - Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. - visiting events, trendy restaurants and clubs and offering test-drives along the way.

The STS Blitz kicked off in L.A., Chicago and New York on September 10 and will remain in market for six weeks with over 20 cars for displays and impromptu test drives.

People in select office buildings, shopping malls, and sponsored events will experience interactive displays and hands-on demonstrations. Restaurant, hotel and country club visitors will also see STS convoys pulled up in front of their destinations.

"We designed the new STS to compete with the best in the world," said Jim Taylor, Cadillac's general manager. "In the luxury market, Cadillac is still the underdog. In order for traditional European buyers to consider us, we have to bring the car to them through more experimental methods."

Los Angeles Blitz

In the Los Angeles market, consumers can sneak a peak of the STS at such hotels as the Argyle Hotel, W Hotel, Loews and Fairmont Hotel. The STS will also be in front of the following restaurants: Morton's, Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel, Ago, Nobu, Granita's, Spago and The Palm. In addition to these vehicle displays, STSs transported celebrities to the Emmy Award Show and the HBO Luxury Lounge. Technology displays featuring all that's available on the STS will be at the Beverly Center, Pershing Square and Two California Plaza.

New York Blitz

STS vehicles will surround restaurants in and around Manhattan. Vehicles will be on display at Smith & Wollensky, Bayard's, Maloney & Porcelli, Manhattan Ocean Club and River Café in Brooklyn. Vehicle displays will also be at Teterboro and Newark airports for those departing/arriving on corporate or private planes. In the corporate environment, the STS will be on display at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Building and be part of the Wall Street Community Day Festival. Additionally, STS vehicles were used as courtesy vehicles during Fashion Week.

Chicago Blitz

In the Chicago market, STSs will populate the Celtic Fest, the Fairmont Hotel, Elm Street Liquors and Mike Ditka's Restaurant.

The STS has been designed, engineered and executed to deliver precise craftsmanship, outstanding performance, and sophisticated luxury in a distinctly American package. Based on General Motors' new rear-wheel-drive Sigma architecture, the STS is designed to compete head-on with world-renowned prestige sedans in markets around the globe. STSs started arriving in Cadillac dealerships in early September.


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I was at the Cadillac dealership in Westlake, Ca. Friday and a friend of mine there showed me one, it was black-beautiful. I think BMW might be in for some competition. It looks like it will give the 7 series a run for its money.

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Thanks for the Update!

Wish I was in one of those cities...

I have a close friend with a '99 STS.

It just turned 195,000 miles.

He has been waiting for the '05 STS since

last year when he went to buy an '04 and realized

it wasn't to be.

Since he had an '04 CTS for a loaner for two weeks, it

turned him off to it, (said it was cheaply constructed).

I will continue to work on him every week when

I see him to turn him away from Lexus. I am trying to

get him to a dealership for a test drive.

I have tried patriotism, dealer attitude, and performance.

Any thougths come to mind to help convince him to

buy an STS over an import...?

I am getting desparate because he doesn't want to

be driving the present STS @ 200,000...

Do you have any DIRT on Lexus...? :ph34r:

HELP! :lol:

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When my Dad was shopping for his DTS, I asked a sales man if they had any info on the new STS's yet. I was shocked when he said "yes", as this was about a month ago.

Not only was it exciting to have the brouchure, but I was blown away at the quality of it. The front and rear covers are a suede-like matterial (very classy and quality feel and look), and the photos and text on the inside are enough to make you giddy!

If the quality of the brochure is this impressive, I can only imagine the car itsself!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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I sat in a new maroon STS today. Ho Hum. The wife and I decided that it was a cross between a Chysler 300 and a CTS. Too bad Chrysler beat GM to the streets on that one or it would be the other way around. The high beltline made it feel like you sat deep in the car surrounded by...well, car. Too closed in for me. I don't care for the high center consoul either, which adds to the "closed in" feeling. That was one of the many reasons that I did not look at a 2000 Jeep GC when I made the '99 STS purchase. I realize this is necessary for the rear drive configuration, making room for the trans. The wife liked the dash design. The radio controls seemed to be missing, which was by design I'm sure. Very simplified dash, even with the Nav system. Headroom was very good. I'm not tall, but my wife commented on that point and I had to agree. Worst feature of all though was the back seat. This seat is more like a wooden park bench! The thing is downright hard. I want to know who's idea of luxury this is. Even the leather was junk...durable maybe, with a chrome surface to reduce scratching, but luxurious...never came to mind. This car better ride like a dream and handle like a race car. If not, it won't stand a chance at $60,000.00!

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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