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Howdy gang, I have a 94 Deville base model.

I have replaced the blower motor with new.

I have power to blower motor, both outside pins.

Blower motor will not come on for ac or heat.

I have no codes related to this (I think)

ac/heater programmer? if so how the heck do you

get to it-- test it?


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Ranger, forgive me if I type this in the wrong place. I'm new.

The ac/heater programmer is located right behind the controls, attached to the instrument cluster.

I went to the junk yard today to buy a used one and they sold me the whole cluster for $65.00.

I figure its worth a shot for that much.I downloaded the repair instruction from alldata on how to remove

and service the cluster. All sound great tell you get to the part on removing the ac vents, oops.

I need to remove the vents as there are screws holding down the upper dash behind them.

I can't see any screws thru the vents or holding the vents and I don't want to pry to hard as they

are wrapped in the wood grain trim. (thin stuff) Any help with that would be great. I will keep you

posted on progress.

Thanks Again

Blue Boy

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AC programmers rarely fail. I forget when the blower motor control module was integrated into the blower motor but if your car has a separate blower control module, that is most likely the problem.

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
'04 Deville
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Howdy Kevin,

I think 94 was kind of a split year for some things.

On my model the module is attached and incorporated in the blower motor itself.

I have replaced the whole thing, just can't get it to work.

Going to take the dash off this weekend and try cleaning connections first.

The ac/heat controls are all apart of the cluster, circuit board and all and I'm

a little leery of just plugging in a whole unit (used).

There also seems to be a fair amount of talk about ground conditions.

I even read one post that explained how a guy spliced into the ground on the motor

and re-grounded to the fire wall. I believe he called it redneck style.

Any feed back on any of this would be great.


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To remove the vent you insert a shim above and below the vent at the same time to release the latch and then pull the vent. Starter shims work great. Butter knife or credit card might do the trick as well.

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