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So - who has the fastest car(s) here?


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Just curious.......... :D I'm kind of a quarter-mile 'junkie'.

I know it's relatively hard to find mods for them. Who has what, and how fast is it? Not talking G-Tech numbers; what does it run?

My STS is stock except for a K&N factory replacement. Not sure how long I'm keeping it, so I probably won't do much more than swapping out the mufflers (maybe). My old (stock) '98 Eldorado went 14.85 at 93mph on stock tires; I have a set of 225/50-15 Drag Radials I will be using eventually at the track with this car. Anyway, who's got what????

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Umm...... I have no idea how fast mine is.... I made my own cold air intake with K&N cone

and I put corsa exhaust on it with high flow cat.

I have a list of some upcoming mods which hopefully i'll be the first to do on a STS :)

-custom headers and maybe dual exhaust all the way back

-supercharger or turbo

-headwork and new cams

-piggy back fuel computer/engine management

-custom intake manifold

-custom limited slip, high stall converter and hi performance transmission rebuild

-lighter flywheel

-stiffer springs with .5" or 1" lowering effect

-as many polyurethane bushings as i can replace

-front and rear strut braces

-custom engine mounts (to keep it from moving as much)

-smaller crankshaft pulley(doubles as balancer)

-custom fiberglass hood (drop some weight and give me some freggin room above the engine)

-msd ignition box (for No2, turbo or charger)

They are on the list, but even one of those probably at least 6 months off or more due to (of course) lack of fundage. As soon as I do any of those I'll post pics and a 'review' on it. With my current setup just to take a guess that i'd do mid 14's in the quarter, not sure. Still not bad for a car th at weighs 4200+ lbs lol :) I'd remove some stuff to get the weight down but I don't want to lose the cadillac feel and noise supression and ride. If i didn't care about that i'd go buy a mustang for $2k and sink $8k into the engine and be wicked fast :)

I found some 'badass' northstar engines for about $10k with 400+ HP built up but that's quite a bit out of my range.

Anyone else? :) (OH and the CTS-V doesn't count, cuz that's not really a true caddy, just a vette dressed up to look like one)

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11/3/03 Most recent visit to the track 14.1 sec. 1/4 mile. Best to date


Corsa cat back exhaust

80mm TB and ported intake manifold from RSM racing

K&N cone filter #RU 2590 with home made custom intake(full heat shield and ducted out for fresh air)

Eibach Pro kit lowering springs

High stall torque converter from Edge racing converters

Micky Thompson ET Front slicks and 4 aluminum wheels



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Mark 99sts, how do you like that 80mm TB? Any idea what kind of HP you got out of it? I think they claim like 14hp or so, right? Did it feel like that much? How about the eibachs, do you like them? I've got the 17" wheels with 255-50-17 tires and they rub just a bit at full lock with stock springs, I'm a bit concerned about going with the Eibachs. Thanks for your response.

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The 80mm TB didn't do much for my car,Probably because I had already opened up the exhaust and intake, but I thought it would help when I put the super charger on it. Unfortunately that seems to be a pipe dream at this point.

I love the eibachs for performance although you do give up a little ride comfort. Always a trade off, but acceptable as far as I am concerned. I'm running 255/50 also but they are 16". No rubbing before or after Eibachs.

Hope this helps.



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I try not to 'abuse the power' but for years I've contended with how horribly people drive in South Florida. This improves their driving alot. Only real problem is when I'm on a long two-lane behind someone. They go right at the speed limit the whole way.

Cadillac is still "Standard of the World". Maybe next year I'll buy a used Black/Black 2000 DTS. We'll see...

Couple years ago I was rich and was into Vipers - had 3 of them. All that went away :( but as I'd purchased a Viper new (in 1999) I was given one of the holy 'coupons' to purchase one of the very first of the 'new' Vipers produced last year. Original purchasers of previous Vipers were the only customers Dodge was making the 'new' Viper for in 2003. While I couldn't 'buy' that car per se, I made a deal with the dealer because he wanted to get his greedy hands on one and couldn't just order it. Mine was the first Black 'new' Viper delivered in Florida. Image shown is during the 24 hours that I 'owned' it. Took it for a lap around the lot - slow one at that.




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Doc & others,

One of my previous company cars was a total black 92' Chevy Caprice about 8-years ago, It was very wicked in appearance with 3 antennas on the roof and litle chrome, so it didn't really need the spotlights. It also had a company-vanity license that may have confused some folks who were trying to figure it out.

Got a definate reaction when in the fast lane and rollin past someone else with an ever so slight pause - just behind their driver's side mirror - they always dropped off quickly. Was a hoot with an old VCR up on the dash sideways (lens forward) and a pair of "cop" glasses on with a blue long sleeve shirt. That's as far as I dared have fun (no strobes in the grill etc).

Thought about subtle magnetic signs with IRS on the street side and INS on the curb side (so no one would ever want to talk to you). B)

It wasn't fast (cruised at maybe 125 or so) - but it didn't need to be to move through traffic like an "Uuntouchable". Went in/out of mudhole-ditches and dangnear on two wheels - not too bad either.

Probably lucky for me it was sold and put on a boat to Arabia. <_<

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Got to run my car today finally. Rock Falls Raceway in Elk Mound, WI.

'96 STS, stock except a drop-in K&N filter and 225/50-15 BFG Drag Radials on steel Grand Prix wheels.

Best pass was a 14.785 at 94.30, with a 2.22 60-foot.

Note: The shorter-than-stock tires work nicely for improving gearing BUT the traction-control system HATES them. I had to launch with traction on, then turn it off after it shifted into 2nd. Otherwise, the computer shut power down at 85mph, thinking the front wheels were slipping.

Had fun anyway though.

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