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  1. 2.41 at a shell downtown chicago, was up everyone!
  2. very nice! love the color, how did you black out the chrome on the window? it looks nice! also the wheels are the bomb!
  3. just read your last post, i dont know what the resistance should be .... Guru or someone else may be able to enlighten us.
  4. once you change your spark plugs, check the plug wires for resistance. if all is well, check fuel filter, when was the last time you had that done. if the filter is old it can lead to low residual fuel pressure that can maybe make the idle a lil jumpy. as far as trans, i hope its not the trans. cause the "sliping" your talking about is definatly not the shift solinoids. good luck. report back.
  5. ive never followed any set "procedure" on my etc. just take the negitive off first. also clean the terminals and the wires that carry the current with a type of detergent if it needs it. how many CCA is the battery your using?
  6. also, you might want to invest 50 bucks (got mine at Murffys Discount Auto) and 45 minites of your time to put a trans cooler in. i have a link in my signature. yours already gets cooled with the radiator line, just hose it in series. plus your trans will take about a quart or so extra fluid. suposedly drops trans temp by 15-20 degress. i did mine about a month after the rebuild. just to play it safe.
  7. yeah if the engine oil got to hot it may have messed with the conditioners and lubrication properties of the motor. do you know where the coolant is leaking from? did you recently change the thermostat and not use a new gasget maybe? report back. do hoses look ok?
  8. had that prob on my eldo, the strip around the rear winshield right? if thats the case i had a winshield installer guy on my lot a couple months ago said he could fix it for me, used some black caulk lookin stuff. squirt and tape. 24 hours latter after the removal of the tape, it was like new. flat against the surface. i never had any leaks thogh so i dont know if that would cause it, but theoriticly, it could. let me know.
  9. even though people on this board say theres no difference, i have experianced this problem as well, filled up with premium and octane boost to "cleanse" the system. and poof! problem solved, that was the last time i did that, and hell its only 10-20 cents extra, who gives a *smurf*.... if it will do better to my motor why not. and secondly it says right on my dash, fuel door, and owners manual, PREMIUM UNLEADED ONLY. so have fun. this is my lil' tid bit.
  10. so i was driving in ontario, and this moose went NUTS and started chasing me, seeing a red light i had to stop and this moose went right into my car! (didnt really happen) to me at least
  11. not to shabby! wouldve gone with flowmaster myself... wait... I DID!
  12. tell me about it, i love it still, mpg has gone up to 12.6, so its getting better, i think it was recently reset when i boght it. Newbold1, where in chicago are you?
  13. thanks for making that clear, i didnt even know that.