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Starter disabled "Anti Theft"

Ed Hall

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I found a low mileage 1990 Eldorado for sale and cheap. Problem is it won’t start because the Anti Theft has disabled the starter. The owner says his mechanic diagnosed it as a computer problem and that it needs a new computer. Could this be the problem or is it what I think it is, a problem with the Pass Key in the steering column that can be easily fixed with a resister?

With the anti-theft engaged, would it be possible that the engine would start by hotwiring the starter to get it to turn over?

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If it's the PASS key system, hotwiring the starter won't be much help as the computer disables the fuel delivery system.

Measure the key pellet resistance and then find a resistor equal to the pellet resistance. The PASS key wiring will exit the bottom of the steering column and it about the size of a telephone cord. The outer jacket is orange in color and there are two wires. Unplug the connector and connect the resistor across the vehicle end of the plug - not the steering colum end of the harness. If the car starts, the problem is a bad wire in the lock cylinder. You can then cut the column end of the harness and solder the resistor the the column end of the harness and reconnect the plug and that should be the end of the no-start problem.

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