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68 deville

phat albert

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That depends on how bad they are rusted. You will need to cut out the corroded areas and weld in new metal. If you have a MIG welder and the ability to work with sheet metal, it might not be a big deal.

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Ahh I just saw a chocolate brown 68 coupe the other night, I love that year! I had a 68 couple de ville convertible, what a car. Good Luck with it if you decide to get it.

Funny you should mention that. I was passed by what I think was a "68 or '69 blue convertable yesterday on the way to work. I gave him a thumbs up as he passed. He smiled and gave me one back. I'm sure it made his day.

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Believe you me; you will enjoy the ride and comfort of that car. There is nothing to maintain the vehicle other than minor routine maintenance. Most parts are still available from AC Delco or other aftermarket companies. I just ordered a heater core from the local Auto Parts Plus for my 67. Takes a couple more days than another car but its not getting that cold yet and I plan to park it for the year pretty soon.

As for the floor boards, any experienced welder can do it very easily. Even if you need someone to do it for you, it should not be more than $500 CDN for labour. I would have someone estimate the cost of the repair before buying it so you don't have any surprises.

Otherwise, if you like it and have the $$$ for a toy, buy it you'll love the "float of the boat" :lol: . If I corner hard, my body will roll probably nearly 30 degrees side to side from stock :lol: . It's a lot of fun especially when people ask at lights "What year is it?" "How long is that?" A lot of fun :D .


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