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First of all, I love my car (93 seville), and I am really starting to love this forum (both are new to me)...thanks to all those who make it what it is.

1. I have owned various Audi's and have always been able to find a way to accomplish this, and was curious is anyone here has tried it. The car is a base 93 seville with the speed sensitive steering and suspension...the book describes the steering as completely variable, and the suspension as having three setting (comfort, normal, and firm)...has anyone tried to intercept the computer to make it think the vehicle is moving faster when it in fact is not? You can feel the system working when you throw the car into a hard corner at slow speeds, but it would nice when I know I am going to be throwing it around to be able to tighten things up in advance.

2. I have heard that the STS had larger sway bars than what I have now, is this true, and would they be a direct bolt-in if I used the STS brackets?

3. I have been seriously thinking about going to Eibach springs, I love the overall ride and don't want to lose that, and my main goal is to drop the car about an inch to close the fender gap any thoughts/comments about what all I would be gaining/losing by doing this (I will probably still keep the car riding on the stock 16x7's, and if/when I ever do increase I would not go above a 17).

4. Service manuals; what is the best and most descriptive one to get, I really am not big on having the car serviced by regular shops, and would like to get something more in depth than the chilton/haynes variety; thoughts?

thanks in advance


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For service manuals, the helms shop manual is best; http://www.helmsinc.com ; you can often find them on ebay at a discount off the retail cost of around $110.


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Yes they are different sway bars.

STS sway bar part no. 3521259

SLS sway bar part no. 3521260

However, my parts manual says they use the same brackets. The bushings might be different though.

The STS also comes with a rear sway bar as well. I'm not sure if the SLS does or not. The manual says there is only one part no for the rear sway bar.

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