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0-60 speed


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The 97 STS would do 0-60 mph in 6.4-6.7 seconds, quartermile around 14.7s. The car weighs around 3,960 lbs.

The Lincoln LS has a 3.9L V8. Earlier models had 252 hp, which was improved to 280 hp in 2003. It weighs 3,755 lbs. 0-60 sec for the 280 hp version is around 6.5-6.9s, with the quartermile in 14.9-15.3s at 95 mph. The 252 hp version time is around 7.2s from 0-60 mph. The 3L V6 time is around 8.5s 0-60.

All else equal my money would be on the 97 STS in a heads-up comparison.


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As Bruce said, the performance of the two is very close. Whoever gets the hole shot in a race between cars like these is going to be the winner. If you're talking about "casual" stoplight-to-stoplight stuff, you better come out running if he is also because I doubt you'll catch back up if you decide to race him after he's already gone. If you're going with someone to a drag strip, the environmental/situational effects will be largely removed and you'll get a more accurate representation of exactly what the two cars will do.

Edit: I have a small chart on my website which shows performance of the Cadillac cars, taken from automotive magazine instrumented tests. I obviously don't have data on the Lincoln, but this should give you an idea on what your STS will do. 0-60 times for 93-97 STSes vary from 6.4 to 7.2 seconds. Yours could be anywhere in that range. The one '97 I saw data for did the deed in 6.9 seconds:


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