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Trunk Pulldown Motor


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After seeing the outrageously fine work done by SpruceGoose on his brakes, I finally got up the courage to post this idea to the board for input and hopefully assistance. Perhaps someone more mechanically capable than I wants to jump in?

I'm looking for some way to remotely pull the trunk lid down from a fully open position to the point where the existing motor grabs and engages it. Basically I'd like to be able to push a button inside the car and have the trunk close completely and automatically from the normal open position. It's probably a fairly easy thing to engineer if you have such skills, but it's boggled my little pea brain for weeks.

I'm thinking some type of cable running from the underside of the trunk deck down to some sort of motor (either a pulley wheel or a gear-based system) with some kind of auto-stop mechanism (electrical or mechanical) when it reaches the "click" where the existing motor takes over. The gear or pulley would "wind" the cable up, pulling the trunk lid down, yet allow the cable to unspool freely when the trunk release button is pushed.

If anyone wants to take a stab at creating such a device, I'll gladly pay research and development fees. Feel free to e-mail me with ideas or post them directly here on the board. Thanks in advance.

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if you make some extention to the ... antenna you can use it for your task - the only thing you will have to do is turning off the radio... :lol:

ask willi hank he's kinda hinge engineer

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Actually, my neighbor's Lincoln Town Car has that option (from the key fob).

There might be one in a wrecking yard you could adapt.

How to engage is another matter.

Good luck :)

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