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my 2000 sts drains and doesnt start

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I have a 2000 cadillac sts that is having some strange issues. I just had the alternator replaced and I am still having the starting issue. 800.00 dollars later and 2 mechanics, they just tell me to buy all new stuff and don't even look for the problem. What it is doing now is every time I start it up a new warning light is on. The tract control, service theft system, air bags, and one time it wouldn't let me roll the windows down. The car runs nice but its being drained and I am at a loss what to do. If anyone has suggestions, please help if you can.. Thank you so much!

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What are the symptoms? The engine won't crank or it cranks but does not start? What do you mean by "the car is being drained"? Is the battery going dead?

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