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97 deville ac


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the air works perfectly at startup. After several minutes (as it heats up ?) it stops. after 5 minutes ( when it cools down ?) it starts again. Seems like a resistor over heating, splitting , then cooling and flowing again. There does not appear to be any a/c codes current. I recall a ceramic resistor in an old oldsmobile I had that would stop the air from working, is there such a thing on my 97 deville ?

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When you say "it stops", do you mean the fan quits blowing? Or, does the fan continue to blow air, but it's not cold?

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When it stops cooling, look at the compressor clutch - is it engaged? If it is engaged, you will see the hub face turning. The problem could be too wide of an air gap on the clutch - easily fixed but it takes a hub installer tool and feeler gages to do the job.

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