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Removing Shifetr Knob in a 97 STS


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There is a clip that resembles a large staple that is on the front of the knob (toward the dash) near the handle tube. You will see a slot about 1/2" wide near the lower front of the knob.

Use a small screwdriver to work the staple out and the knob pulls off straight up. When you reassemble the knob to the tube, install the staple with the crown in the legs facing up.

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I did a google search and saw a picture where you have to insert a special tool between the top of the radio and the bottom of the four button section. However, I used a very thin screw driver and used it instead. There are little ridges along the bottom that lock into the top of the radio. I was then able to leverage it out from each side.

The clip was there and came out with the same little screw driver.

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